Monday, November 24, 2014

Appmaker Template Picker Progress Update

The second last week of this semester has already begun, and between 20 other errands to accomplish in this always merry and relaxed time frame, I have managed to get a hold of Pomax and discuss with him clarifications on how to go about moving forward and accomplishing my iterative solution for Appmaker Issue #2348. His only qualm with my initial pull request was that the current URL for arriving at the custom Appmaker template gallery list page looks very unreadable and hash-like in its address. What we have agreed to in the meantime was that Pomax will initiate a separate Webmaker issue in the meantime to accommodate this request by creating functionality for the URL address "" and that will be the de-facto address that I will use when creating my next pull request. Since the expert on implementing these sort of HTTP Option handlers and custom route logic is away, I will obviously still be using the presently functional old URL to test my logic up until the final commit.

If all of the stars will align, and my google-fu research will prove immediately effective in helping me accomplish my initial task for this last milestone of getting an iframe preview to fetch the resource on a user's mouseclick event, I might even able to hop on this newly created issue and contribute to its completion.

In all likelihood, my last update for this semester will be the pull request announcement. Stay tuned, as the cliffhanger is quickly nearing its conclusion.

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