Friday, September 26, 2014

The 0.1 Milestone: Implementing the 'du' linux command in Filer's Shell

For the first major task this semester, I had major logical challenges in implementing this task on my own. The weeks that I've been away from Javascript work and programming work in general have heavily hindered me from making a lot of sometimes obvious logical assumptions and conclusions in code flow and structure that I should have been able to undertake with relative ease. Many thanks to fellow classmate and prior co-worker Gideon Thomas for his reference solution which my own has inevitably become extremely akin to. Time constraints due to other obligations have also played a large part in my half-baked attempt at delivering this task in a signatory fashion. An immediate future goal of mine would be to play catch-up yet again and invest more effort in being able to comprehend complex code structures such as Filer if I am to continue contributing in a productive and meaningful way going forward. 

While I am still familiar with the unit test infrastructure and conventions, and am able to easily understand the high-level purposes and functions necessary to complete the function itself, my original design was completely bereft of very basic and standard node.js conventions including proper error and function argument handling cases. I also had trouble remembering how to properly access method properties (syntactically) for what I can only describe as absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Overall, without external sound logic there would have been no way for me to meet the deadline and I'm quite disappointed at my general performance for this milestone, but am now doubly inspired to bring myself back up to speed and uphold whatever little reputation that I already previously built back into these projects.

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